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Developing Line of Business Applications With AngularJS

Course Description

The 2-day Introduction to Developing Line of Business (LOB) Applications With AngularJS course provides attendees with hands-on experience learning how to craft an enterprise line of business AngularJS application. Attendees will learn about creating data entry forms, validating user entries, creating & using factories to access and update data, using advanced routing techniques, creating custom AngularJS directives, implementing best practices, learning about and applying industry guidelines, learning about tools AngularJS developers should know about and more.

  • Learn how to work with Angular data entry forms
  • Learn how to validate user data entry values
  • Learn how to work with Ajax with AngularJS
  • Learn how to create factories & services
  • Learn how to access & update data via factories
  • Learn how to create your own custom directives
  • Learn how to create your own custom filters

Building Data Entry Forms

  • Angular form controls
  • Data validation
  • Form validation feedback CSS styles
  • Form events
  • Form directive attributes
  • Working with AngularUI & Bootstrap

Ajax & Data

  • Using the $http service
  • Using the $resource service
  • Requests
  • Responses
  • Promises

Understanding Factories & Services

  • What they are used for
  • How they’re different
  • Built-in services
  • Accessing REST services with $http

Writing Custom Directives

  • Defining a custom directive
  • Working with scope
  • Compilation
  • Linking

Custom Filters

  • Creating custom filters

Advanced Routing Techniques

  • Installing & using ui-router

AngularJS Development

  • Applying best practices
  • Tools to know about
  • Industry guidelines

Knowledge of the fundamentals of AngularJS. Experience working with HTML, CSS & JavaScript is required.

  • Google Chrome browser
  • Other modern browsers optional (Firefox, IE, Opera)
  • Code editor / IDE of your choice


Our public classes are conducted in Raleigh, NC.

Private, on-site classes are available as well. Please contact us for more information.