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AngularJS Fundamentals

Course Description

The 2-day AngularJS Fundamentals course provides attendees with a hands-on introduction to the wonderfulness that is AngularJS. Attendees will learn about single-page applications, the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern, the anatomy of an AngularJS application, the key features & tools provided by the AngularJS framework and development best practices to help attendees get up to speed quickly on their first AngularJS project and beyond.

  • Learn about the design of single-page applications
  • Learn how to use AngularJS to craft single-page applications
  • Learn how to distinguish between the model, view, and controller pieces of an application and how to implement the MVC pattern in AngularJS
  • Learn how to use the built-in Angular directives
  • Learn how to work with AngularJS expressions & filters
  • Learn about AngularJS scopes
  • Learn how to work with animations
  • Learn how to debug AngularJS applications
  • Learn how to test AngularJS applications

AngularJS: The View From 30,000 Feet

  • Why use AngularJS
  • What are single page applications (SPAs)
  • Model View Controller (MVC) pattern
  • Data binding basics
  • Getting familiar with all the pieces of the AngularJS puzzle
  • Modules
  • Models
  • Views
  • Controllers
  • Directives
  • Filters
  • Expressions
  • Routes
  • Services
  • Factories
  • Understanding Dependency Injection

Getting Your First AngularJS Application Up and Running

  • Downloading AngularJS
  • Adding AngularJS to an HTML file
  • Getting acquainted with directives
  • Modules as application components
  • The MVC pattern in action
  • How data binding works
  • Multi-view apps & routing basics


  • Teaching HTML new tricks
  • Why, how and when to use directives
  • Data binding directives
  • Working with template directives
  • Working with element directives
  • Handling events

Understanding Filters & Expressions

  • Why and when to use filters
  • Standard formatting filters
  • Evaluating expressions

Understanding Controllers & Scopes

  • Understanding controller basics
  • Setting up the scope
  • Getting data from a controller to a view
  • Adding behaviors

Understanding Routes

  • Setting up a layout template
  • Defining routes


  • Installing ngAnnimate module
  • Working with CSS classes
  • Working with keyframes


  • DOM element properties
  • Batarang

Unit Testing

  • What are unit tests
  • Using Jasmine 
  • Using Karma
Solid knowledge & experience working with HTML, CSS & JavaScript is required.
  • Google Chrome browser
  • Other modern browsers optional (Firefox, IE, Opera)
  • Code editor / IDE of your choice


Our public classes are conducted in Raleigh, NC.

Private, on-site classes are available as well. Please contact us for more information.